Workshop & Performance Dubravko Lapaine

I’ve been playing the didgeridoo for quite a while now. I was influenced by the best players in this world and I have heard a lot of great players perform on didge. But I must say, there has always been one who stood out. One who made a difference for me. One who didn’t only bring ‘didgeridoo’, but could bring a complete story with his didge.
His sound isn’t of this planet, it’s from another dimension.
I’m not even sure he’s human to be honest. How could he be?

He goes by the name: Dubravko Lapaine. I had the honour to meet him and invite him to Belgium for a workshop and performance.

It’s been three day’s sinds he was here and still I’m not sure it was real, I’m still blown away! He told me to keep on breading, but it’s very difficult when your breathtaken!

Thank you mister Lapaine for making me feel like a little boy again who discovers the sound of the didgeridoo for the first time...

Didgeridoo perfection exists and it is Croatian...



Performance video
Difficult But Possible

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