January 2015

Windproject Review

Windproject 3 Parts Fiberglass Slide & Travel Didgeridoo REVIEW


I’m very pleased to finally have an authentic Andrea Ferroni Fiberglass didgeridoo in my possession.

And it isn’t just any fiberglass didgeridoo, nope… it’s the ‘
3 Parts Fiberglass Slide & Travel Didgeridoo’.

I’ve been playing and testing it for the last three weeks and even used it on a little performance. And I must say I’m hooked… It’s my new second favourite didge at the moment. So easy to play, so easy to handle, so easy to put in my tiny little car and drive to wherever didgeplayers go and become one with nature. :p

The sound is great! Backpressure is perfect! Great range and LOUD!
This is a great didge! Sounds and plays like a real solid concert quality didge. And you only need one! Range from C to F!

It isn’t the didjeribone, so I think you better not use it for fast notes shifting. I would recommend choosing a note and play your song without much shifting. There’s no room for any kind of dust between the sliding parts. Cleaning it very often (read: every time) is a must; otherwise it will not slide at all.
It slides all the way down to C, but it misses a bit of depth and warmth you need for playing this note. The sliding part is on it’s maximum for C, so you have to hold it tight to make sure it doesn’t falls apart.

The higher the pitch, the better it’s performance. In my opinion, the didge is best on E and F. It’s really fun to play a good didge and being able to move around with it. It so light! It ads an extra dimension to a concert when you can jump around on stage and still are able to play.

You can dismantle the didge in to three different pieces. Once you did this, it’s small enough to fit your hand luggage and take it on a plane. I don’t know how you are going to explain it to customs; you will probably need to demonstrate what it is, but still, it fits.


The joints between the parts are strong and make the didge air tide. However the condense from my breath did find it’s way through the first joint. It leaks a bit. My hand is getting wet every time I play. I really don’t like this. Taking a towel with you is, sadly, another must…
It would make more sense to me if the joints were fixed on the upper part, so there would be no chance at all for leaks. But I’m sure Andrea has his reasons to make it like this.

The wooden mouthpiece is very beautifully made, 30mm wide. For most people this is perfect. It’s nice to have a wooden mouthpiece on this didge. I’ve never been a big fan of plastic mouthpieces anyway.

In short:
I like this didge a lot! It sounds wicked; plays like a boss and handles like a lady. I’ve got a whole range of really good didges in one super-light-weighted one. Dismantle it and you’ve got a tiny package to take everywhere.

It needs some work on the joints so they don’t leak anymore and the sliding is a bit narrow to make it a fast shifter.

Key: From C to F
Lenght: from 148cm to 185cm (56 cm when divided in 3 parts)
Mouthpiece: 30mm
Bell: 8cm
Value: 380€ 2 parts version - 490€ 3 parts version